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Donation Campaigns

Lou's Lads Foundation Endowed Scholarship

The Lou's Lads Foundation Endowed Scholarship provides financial assistance for the educational needs of underprivileged students and legacies.

BOLD – Bread of Life Drive

Holtz's Heroes Foundation Takes Action!

We are proud to report that Holtz's Heroes, in cooperation with many Notre Dame Alumni Clubs across America, Friends and Subway Alumni, and members of the Notre Dame Monogram Club have increased the number of Notre Dame Bread of Life/Holtz's Heroes Food Drives across the country from 35 cities in 2014 to 210 cities scheduled to participate this year, 2018.

From coast to coast, Holtz's Heroes have been engaged with the planning of food drives that extend from Fairfield County, Ct., and New York City in the Northeast, to Chicago and St. Louis in the Midwest to Orange County, California and extending all the way to Hawaii. Our annual food drives also includes cities in China, Japan, England, France and New Zealand.

To see how you can sign up and be a ND Bread of Life Volunteer and be a member of Coach Holtz’s team that is “Fighting Hunger Across America” click on the BOLD menu link above.


Bobby Satterfield Fund

Funds donated to the Bobby Satterfield Fund will assist former players from Notre Dame under Coach Holtz, or their families, in times of need and will be awarded  as determined by the policies and procedures established by the Foundation's Board of Directors.

HHF Texas Aid

Donations to the Holtz's Heroes Foundation Texas Aid will help us support food pantries impacted by the recent weather related disaster in Texas.

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